Design, Sew, and Show

Design, Sew, and Show!

Design, Sew, and Show!

PROJECT FUNWAY is a place where children and adults learn to sew - in a very creative way. 

It is a lot more fun than how you learned in your high school Home Economics class! We are kinder, gentler, and a lot more fun!

Interested in our 



Four classes in each session.  If you have a group of four students, contact to schedule.  Sessions generally run Sept - Apr.

7 to 9:30 pm $195

(or 6:30 to 9p)

Want to know how to mend that pile of clothing? Put an original hem on your own jeans? Make a professional decorator pillow? Fix the hem on that favorite blouse? Sew on a button properly?


Dust off that sewing machine or use one of our machines and come learn the sewing basics. This class is designed for adults who want to have “fun” while learning to sew. If your high school home economics class was not your favorite class, join PROJECT FUNWAY ADULT to give learning to sew a new twist! This is a practical series created to offer practical skills and mold to what the student wants!


We will be focusing on basic sewing skills and using them to create a detailed tote bag you will be proud to carry - and create again as gifts.

As always, we calibrate to the skill level of individuals.  Age 12 and up!  This class includes those that have never used a machine to those that are skilled, but a bit rusty.  Each student is kept very busy at THEIR level of skill.   You may take all three sessions and just keep moving forward.


To register, complete form on bottom of our REGISTRATION PAGE and send a $50 deposit to hold your spot!!

(Four person minimum to run this class).

"I can't believe I made a skirt that looks this great!" 

Mackenzie,  Camper

"Project Funway exceeded our expectations."

Stacy, Parent

PROJECT FUNWAY sewing studio
"The friendly, laid back atmosphere of PROJECT FUNWAY helped me learn and relax in exactly the way I wanted my summer to go."
Maya, Camper
Want to learn how to make a face mask?  Click on my tutorial link below!
Patterns and sewing directions are located on the left margin of this page.

Once you learn, enter the 
PROJECT FUNWAY Face Mask Contest for most original design.  
See below for more detail and the rules!  Deadline is May 14, 2020.

May 1, 2020

During this unexpected COVID 19 season, it looks like we will be required to wear a face mask in most establishments going forward. This "staying in place" has afforded me a lot of sewing time for sure!  (one positive upside)?  I have made so many masks for family, friends, and hospitals to date that I wanted to share with you on how to make your own.  I have a tutorial posted on YouTube (link above) as well as a pattern and sewing directions in the margin to the left.


OPTIONS: to sew ties or use bias tape, use elastic, to add interfacing, or create a pocket to insert a surgeon's/N95 medical mask.

3 Styles of Masks

1. Face Covering - a lightweight (more breathable) face mask using two pieces of 100% cotton.

2. Face Covering + Interfacing - a more substantial face mask

3. Medical Mask Covering - a lightweight covering with a pocket designed on the back to insert a surgeon's/N95 mask.

You can read more about each style in my FACE MASK Sewing Directions (located in the left margin).  

Get out of bed (ok, wear your pjs all day if you want) and get your imagination working to design a captivating and original face mask.  Enter the contest!  Don't have any cotton fabric?  Raid your closet for things you have outgrown, use Dad's old dress shirt he never wears, hunt through mom's Good Will bag that hasn't been delivered, and/or ask your neighbors!  They probably have elastic in their old sewing basket!  Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Contest Rules
1. Face mask needs to be made per my pattern/directions.
2. Must use cotton fabric.
3. Mask must be usable/wearable/washable.
4. Must post a photo to the Project Funway Facebook page; or project.funway Instagram page; or email me a photo and I shall post for you.
5. Everyone is invited to enter contest.
6. Entrants will be judged based on originality and ability to make one smile.
7. You may enter more than one mask, but each entry must be posted individually.
8. Contest enters May 14, 2020.
9. $25 Gift Certificates to Joann Fabrics will be mailed to winner(s).
10.Judges will be my family (7 voters living at home)!

April 6, 2020

There is a current need to get Surgeon Scrub Caps to our local medical facilities near the San Jose, CA, area.  Please help us provide for this urgent need.  Below, I have attached links for a pattern that I have been using (which has been vetted and approved by a local doctor), some extra sewing directions (since I changed some things from the directions that come with the pattern), as well as my very first You Tube tutorial to assist you in putting these together.  I do hope you might participate in our "COVID operation" to get caps to our medical community.
You Tube Tutorial:
Linda's Scrub Cap Directions can be found in upper left hand corner as well as printed below.
Pattern for Scrub Cap is found here:

Linda's Scrub Cap Directions:


Please note that these construction directions are different than the pattern makers.  My hope is that my changes may streamline the construction a bit to get many caps made quickly.


Materials Needed:  For one cap, 9” of 44” wide fabric and a 3 ¼” length of ¼” elastic.  

NOTE: To make one cap, you need pattern “A” placed on fold (fabric is doubled) and a single layer of fabric is needed for “B”.  Note: I cut multiples at a time to save time).


1. Print out the PDF pattern and author’s directions (both labeled, “Scrub Caps for Short Hair”).  Make sure that you print it at 100% scale and that the grid squares on the pattern measure out to 1” each.   Assemble the pieces and tape to form pattern.  I labeled the “tie and front” piece “A” and the round piece, “B”.


2. Make sure to add the markings I suggest to make the construction process a bit easier.  On pattern “A”, mark the center with a pin (or a tiny 1/8”clip) as well as make a 3/8” clip at the 5” and 7 5/8” measurement from the tie end of the pattern.  On pattern “B”, mark the top center.


3.  Be mindful that pattern “A” needs to be placed on fold.  Cut one.  (I double the fabric over to cut two at the same time making sure that the folds are perfectly lined up).  Pattern “B” can be cut out in multiples as you only need one “B” per cap and if your fabric is doubled, you get two per cut.


4.  Iron the small hem between the 5” and 7 5/8” marks.  Because you work with 3/8” only, your folds will be very small, aim for 1/8” folds.  Pin. Stitch in place.


5.  With right sides together, sew the strap portion (5”) using a ¼” seam allowance (s/a).  Clip corners, turn right side out.  Press.


6.  Once both ties are right side out, let’s sew the hem of the front of cap – the long edge between the two completed straps.  Press raw edge ¼” under (wrong sides together) and then fold up ¾” more.  Press.  Pin.  Stitch in place.


7. On pattern “B”, fold up lower edge 3/8”, press, then another 3/8”.  Press.  Stitch close to the internal edge to leave room for ¼” elastic.  Cut elastic 3 ¼” and funnel it through the casing.  Stitch on either end to secure in place.


8.  Join patterns “A” and “B” together by starting with the center marks you made on your pattern.  End each edge (that has the elastic in it) of “B” slightly over the tiny hem you stitched.  Stitch using a ¼” s/a.  Trim seam.


I am offering one ADULT class, Monday, March 2, 6:30 to 9p, $50. Generally an Adult session is four classes, but if you have been interested in experiencing a sewing class, now is your chance!
You may email me,, for more information.

2020 Winter After-School Sewing Class Schedule 
 If you would like to join the session, please fill out a Registration Form (found on the Registration Page or in the margin to the left).  
Questions?   (I have all the answers)!

Tue Mar 3, 10, 17
Mar 31, Apr 7, 14
                May 5, 12, 19
Wed Mar 4, 11, 18
                Apr 1, 8, 15
        May 6, 13, 20
3:30 to 5:30p 
$135 for a session of three classes.
Adult Classes will be scheduled based on interest. Contact me,, if you want to be part of an adult session.  They generally run Tu/Th for two weeks for a total of four classes.

6:30 to 9p, (or 7p to 9:30 depending on the student's choice).


PROJECT FUNWAY in the summer is ...

a sewing camp designed to teach beginning to advanced intermediate sewing skills to girls 8 to 18.  Sewing projects vary - whether sewing apparel, accessories, or home decor - each project is calibrated to the skill level of the student.

PROJECT FUNWAY all year round is...

a variety of sewing classes offered to children and ADULTS!   Join us for our Adult Series or a Fitted Skirt class or a class in Christmas Gift Ideas.   Please see our Class Schedule and Class Description pages for more information.

PROJECT FUNWAY - Some of our more advanced seamstresses modeling their designs.



  •    teaches sewing skills to 8 year olds to Adults 
  •    accommodates to each individual's learning curve
  •    values a positive, fun learning environment 
  •    challenges each student to improve their skills
  •    offers great snacks to refuel
  •    is located 5 minutes from Hwy 17 in Los Gatos, CA
  •    offers both beginning and intermediate class levels



If you are new to sewing and have not used a sewing machine before - OR - if

you have taken our PROJECT FUNWAY course already and haven't sewed since last summer - this is the right class for you!  We will be focusing on teaching basic sewing skills* as well as creating a minimum of two of the following:  a skirt, tote, shorts, and a decorator pillow.  We will introduce/review sewing machine basics, seam types, hemming, hand sewing, buttons, etc.  Materials included.

This can be a summer camp session or class offered during the year.

Age 8+


If you have taken our PROJECT FUNWAY 101 class (or other equivalent course) - AND - have been practicing your sewing skills since last summer, you will be ready for this class!  To be successful in this intermediate class, you must be proficient with the basic sewing skills* learned in 101 so you may be ready to create two of the following:  a simple dress, skirt, beach cover-up, tote, blouse, decorator pillow, or lap quilt based on the individuals skill level.  We will cover more advanced techniques including how to read/cut a commercial pattern, install a zipper, gathering stitches, darts, etc.  Materials included.

This can be a summer camp session or a class offered during the year.

Age 10+


This class is designed for proficient sewers who have the ability to read and follow a commercial pattern "with assistance".  We will start with a trip to the fabric store to pick out fabric and notions to complete a garment from start to finish.  This is compact session offered over 2 days (9a-4p) to allow for maximum learning and creativity.  The goal is to teach the skills needed to "sew on your own".  Materials included.

Age 12+


This class is designed to teach adults how to sew and/or get them back in the saddle!  If you are a bit rusty or new to sewing, come join in and you will learn the sewing basics as well as produce a tote and/or pillow and learn how to hem your jeans, proper way to sew a button and any other variety of tasks! 

Age 12+ 

*BASIC SEWING SKILLS are defined as:

Understanding how to operate your machine

Can sew straight seams, curves, corners and trim seams carefully

Can hem, baste, attach buttons, backstitch

Can use an iron safely, a ruler skillfully, and pin pieces accurately

And can remove unwanted stitches - happily!